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in tonight's "e.t" birthdays -- which actor was born in germany? he's 48 today. now check out our "e.t" fan that is jeff clark who watches us in ohio. >> i hope you will snap your photo because you can send it to us on facebook@"entertainment tonight." give us a little note on why you should be fan of the day. >> that will do it
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as we look towards the east bay. through walnut creek those high winds are moving down towards dublin, san ramon with moderate rainfall. and towards the south bay some pockets surrounding sunnyvale. the satellite and radar.
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>> catherine: kron 4's charles clifford is there live. charles -- how is it looking? r >> that is correct it is very light right now. i am along the water near the pacifica pier it was a nice day let me show you some video from earlier. biggest boost time lapse a video of the clouds moving in from
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the self. and around 5:00 p.m. as one that light rain started to fall. it did catch some people off guard that were fishing. they had to break out there ranjackets purify however, we have seen in that it is continuing to rain along pacifica and we expect that it will keeprunning. that is the latest along the peninsula charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> catherine: controversy is brewing over a proposed plan to get rid popular san francisco street.and put in a bike lane. kron4's scott rates has the story. >> reporter: parking meters along this stretch of polk street could soon be.disappearing
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making way for a new bike lane dan kowalski is talking about the cities plan that would ultimately take away about 200 parking spaces on a stretch of polk street dan owns flipp furniture store he says he relies on customers being able to park their cars close to his shop. the cities plan would move those parking spots on to smaller side streets, it would also add a new bike lane down the 1.3 mile stretch of polk street last night over 300 residents and business owners packed a near by church to discuss the issue most against the plan. the city's plan would move those two smaller side streets and also have more bike lanes. over 300 residences and business packed this church. most are against the plan. there is any way to replace consumers and cars with bikes. >> reporter: today kron 4 reached out the bike coalition however so far has
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not received a response back city officials say the changes are necessary because the high amount of vehicle vs. car accidents in the mid-polk street neighborhood. dan hopes a compromise can be made. >> and i think you were going to see so many businesses a shudder that it is going to be a problem. we can see that parking meters will go away. in 2015 is when they will come in and provide that a bike lane. scott rates, kron 4 if your if >> here's the specific area of polk street we're talking about. the proposed changes would start at city hall to the south. and extend north all the way to union street. this is a 1.3 mile stretch of polk street. it's known as the mid-polk area. as many as 200 parking spaces could be eliminated. >> catherine: polk street is scheduled to be re-paved in 2015.and that's when any potential changes to the street would happen. less than a week, thornton junior high in fremont was the target of a bomb threat.
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the most recent threat was yesterday afternoon.and it turned out to be another false alarm. however some parents are upset that they were not notified. fremont police say they alerted the public - using their nixel system. the school superintendent says the district did not contact parents about the recent false alarm a big debate tonight. the new 49ers stadium hasn't even been built yet. but santa clara city leaders are trying to bring the super bowl to the bay area in just a few years. kron 4's j-r stone is live in santa clara, where officials are pushing for a new plan. >> reporter: this is the plan that would exempt the nfl from certain taxes into the millions of dollars. let me show you video and that is going on and this meeting is taking place as we speak. in turn, they are going to get that money back and
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other areas. they would break even. the 49ers new stadium will be done in 2014. this is a bid for the 2016 super bowl. >> approval would exempt 350 employees from a pay employee taxes and to exempt the surcharge on the super bowl tickets those are just too of a number of exemptions with a number of mixed opinions. >> i think that 100 million watching a game being played in santa clara will be good for the city of santa clara. >> we are urgent generate there is no proof of that money being made up. >> this would bring them one step closer to get the super bowl and and they are in a competition with miami to
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try to get the 2016 preliminary report on april 21st. they will decide on a if location until the late part of the month of may. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. city leaders say they would be giving up millions of dollars up front but in turn they would be gaining that money back in other areas so they would in fact break even. the 49ers new stadium that is being built should be done in 2014. this is a bid for the 2016 super bowl. approval of this measure this evening would exempt 350 nfl employees from a 9 and a half percent hotel tax while they are here and exempt a stadium surcharge on super bowl tickets. those are two of a number of exemptions made. there are no doubt mixed opinions. ahead at eight -- it's been 10 years since the start of the war in iraq. a look back at one of the most divisive conflicts in u-s history. and how some bay area veterans are marking the day. also - a controversial ban on assault weapons. shot down before it reaches the senate floor. and: huge asteroids are hurtling towards earth. it was a hot topic on capitol hill today. what nasa says we can do. if
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>> catherine: today marks ten years since the start of the war in iraq. in san francisco, veterans against the war gathered outside the federal building. they used chalk to mark the names of those who died in the conflict. they also reminded people that although the war has officially ended. the veterans who fought there - along with iraqis - are still dealing with the war's aftermath. america's third-longest war remains unpopular. check out this poll taken by c-n-n this week. only four out of ten americans now believe it was a smart decision to invade iraq. six out of ten say the conflict that began a decade ago was a quote "dumb" idea. >> reporter: march 20 2003: the u=s unleashes a shock and awe bombardment of baghdad. "on my orders, coalition forces have begun striking targets of military importance." >> reporter: within three weeks american ground troops are in the capital. saddam hussein's statue
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comes down. only 138 americans have died. and under a banner saying "mission accomplished," president bush declares. >> in the battle of iraq, the united states and its allies have prevailed. ut the fighting goes on, even after saddam hussein is captured at the end of the year. the new year brings new violence. the battle for fallujah. the infamous abu ghraib pictures. the american death toll reaches 1=thousand by the end of 2004. 2=thousand by the end of 2005. nearly 3=thousand by the end of 2006, when saddam hussein is executed. president bush orders more troops: five brigades with 20=thousand soldiers and marines. u=s casualties hit a record high, but the tactic works. violence subsides. 2008 and 2009 see a steep drop in the number ofand a new president is able to declare >> "the long war in iraq will come to an end >> reporter: about one million americans served in iraq. about 4-thousand-5=hundred u-s service-members died there. along with at least 2-thousand u-s government contractors, and 174 journalists.
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>> jacqueline: the rainfall continues over the bay area on. we can see the camera lens is pretty wet. over the golden gate still wet conditions. the stormtracker 4 pinpointing inland. if near the coast concord, dublin and livermore. spotty areas through the south bay. the satellite is & radar showing this is moving through but we have more on tap. the tail end of this system is going towards northern california. the futurecast is showing current conditions right now. and the rainfall will largely be pressing east. lingering showers towards midnight. there rainfall
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will continue with moderate and that it. for the overnight hours we will continue to see widespread, steady with light/moderate. and heavy showers focused on the self and the livermore valley. as record towards the morning commute 7:00 a.m., the south they could be impacted more and showers will be continuing for most of the day tomorrow. it/ miss. with rainfall totals we are expecting one 10th of 1 in. or perhaps less in some locations. more rain expected over night and even steady, overnight. by 8:00, this is basically what we will see. we will see perhaps more traces in other areas. lingering showers
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but you are going to want to keep the umbrella handy. giving yourself some extra time. as for the sierras? some have only the highest elevation said 7,000 ft.. 52 degrees it is just to warm to see any snowfall slightly cooler conditions expected. let us take a look allow local temperatures. upper 50s along the coast there rain will be impacted and virtually light/moderate. turning to spotty and isolated showers in the afternoon. most of that will be a bit more spotty as we go towards thursday, friday improving conditions with dry and warmer weather will
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return. >> catherine: military officials are flagging batches of ammunition after seven marines were killed in an explosion at the hawthorne army depot in nevada. the marines were taking part in a training exercise last night when a 60- millimeter mortar round detonated inside a tube. seven others were injured in the explosion. now, the military is advising units not to use mortars that are similar to the one that exploded. >> a huge blow for gun control advocates today. senate majority leader harry reid says a ban on assault weapons will *not be a part of a gun control package he's bringing to the senate floor for debate. he says there's just not enough support. but california senator dianne feinstein, who wrote the bill, says she's been promised a vote. and plans to introduce the assault weapons portion of the bill as an amendment. >> this is very important to me. i am not going to lay down and play dead. i think the american people has said
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every public poll that they support this type of legislation. it is aimed to protect children, schools and shopping malls. and it is aimed to dry up the supply of these over time".over time" >> catherine: while that part of the measure is in limbo. it's likely that the senate will vote on three other measures-- a ban on high capacity ammo clips. a call for universal background checks. and stiffer penalties for gun trafficking. new tonight, there is controversy with local cabdriver's with smart phone applications such as 'ride share'. >> one half the time we are empty because these cars are picking people up. they are
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not a licensed. there's no oversight and we cannot compete because we have to pay taxes and city fees. they can undercut us. >> catherine: with the new legislation that they feel that the value of their medallions will go down >> it is going to be locker vp for anybody will get a table in berkeley -- it is going to be-blacher @ chez pannisse. much of this is going to be torn down. more structural integrity will be needed to be improved from the 1970's. >> they are calling this doomsday or armageddon. imagine a large asteroid it hot topic. nassau is talking about what we can do
8:21 pm
about it, if anything? >> if an asteroid explosion of that size were to explode over an urban area it could cause hundreds of casualties. is much smaller. >> reporter: smaller than a meteor recently and of russia and siberia. it hurt 1000 people with flying shrapnel and glass. it happens once every hundred years. this doomsday asteroid is every 1000 years. nasa cannot pinpoint when, where but they want to be ready. there is no real solution of the are working on it >> coming off i will introduce you to the hayward loop in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> gary: coming up later the 49ers have a new place-
8:22 pm
kicker. is st. mary's going to play another game? t and? tara vandeveer.. >> jacqueline: the rain is pressing east. over the inland valleys but more rain fall, overnight. it details coming up.
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> offespecially when you are use to going in one direction then someone switches up the game and now you are stuck facing the wrong direction welcome to haywards version of the loop where here there are count them 1 3 2 ---- 4 -5 --- 6 do not enter signs and one driver that apparently missed them all what is the hayward loop, well lets take a quick drive and i will show you it's a oneway loop around the business district it is suppose to help cut down on conjestion and make it easier for people to get around but for now it's creating a little bit of bad behavior after sitting in the wrong direction the driver was finally able to make a u- turn and head the oppisite direction over here a and mission there have red arrows which mean absolutly no turn on red because the opposing traffic get to however, not to many people appear to be aware what a red arrow means >> awww now you stop >> over at foothill and a streets more red arrows but this time with no turn on
8:26 pm
red signs and again more drivers completely ignoring all the lights and signs . in some cases driver are making their own traffic lanes this is chris gillis of the city of hayward's planning division he was here to see how things are going. >> i'm just here watching traffic to see what people are doing seeign how things are flowing and it nnot nearly as bad as we thought it woulf be well good thing its not as bad because i would hate to have to add pedestrians behaving badly to this segment oh wait nevermind at the brand new hayward news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it?
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still ahead, these to yoga fans recalled for being too see'thru..through. plus: why more and more elephant seal pups are being taken in by the marine mammal center in marin county. tonight.
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this is a live look at the >> catherine: golden gate bridge. you can also see the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. kron4's jacqueline bennett is in our weather center tracking the storm. jacqueline? >> jacqueline: we can see heavy rainfall through the north bay from the east. and heavy rainfall also over danville and san ramon. dublin, pleasanton, livermore. we can see this and darker yellow indicating heavier downfall. towards san francisco, is a staff lightening up. definitely- lightening up. a sof-just some
8:33 pm
traces. the core of this is to the north. stretching well offshore. it will funnel into the bay area tonight and tomorrow. the futurecast by 9, pressing to the east end by midnight, some rainfall will impact the morning commute. timing it out in just a bit >> catherine: now for a look at our top stories at eight- 30-- the new 49ers stadium hasn't even been built yet. but santa clara city leaders are pushing to bring the super the measure being debated would basicially exempt the nfl from paying millions of dollars. in exchange for the super bowl being played here in 2016. santa clara faces stiff competition from miami. the new stadium is expected to be finished in 2014. in san francisco. parking
8:34 pm
meters along a stretch of polk street could soon be disappearing. to make way for a new bike lane the plan would take away about 200 parking spaces. and move them to smaller streets. the city says it's necessary because of a lot of accidents in the area.. but store owners argue it will hurt their business. and are hoping for a compromise. >> this passionate crowd showed up on what should happen to this theater is so many people want to save. petitions have gone up around town to save the unique and distinctive theater. >> i would like to see it stay how is. and ideally what it should happen is that it should be public
8:35 pm
domain. i to understand that this is in bad shape. rep >> reporter: resented this or at the planning commission want to put up 80 sporting goods store called dec6 sporting goods. they're going to find what ultimately will happen. >> the think that it is a done deal. it would be nice if they listen to. terisa the stock show, kron 4 >> this just in to the kron 4 news room st. mary's has an advanced into the n.c.a.a. tournament. they just beat tennessee 67-54 = final. they will advance and
8:36 pm
play memphis on thursday. gary radnich will have highlights coming up later in sports. >> catherine: more and more elephant seal pups are being taken in by the marine mammal center in mari abandoned showing up malnourished. the center says storms or people may be to blame for separating the pups from their mothers. some of the pups have even suffered shark bites. the center says you see a an injured pup, call them. ".give us a call" >> catherine: there are 19 elephant seal pups on site right now. the center says there could be as many as 60 in a month or two. >> many of us dream of one
8:37 pm
day retiring. well, apparently that's all it is. coming up, seems we're living for today and not details, next. gabe slate tech report dreamworks is based in silicon valley. they invented a new technology that is improving animation. stay tuned. coming up. >> jacqueline: the rainfall continuing. it is wet with those raindrops. how long it will last. .....
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8:39 pm
>> now for today's market update. numbers were mixed on wall street. even after lawmakers in cyprus rejected an unpopular bailout plan here are the closing numbers.
8:40 pm
the dow was up three points. after being down as much as 70 points today. the nasdaq lost eight points. and the s-and-p fell three points >> the pentagon is getting ready for the start of the forced 4-day work week. furlough notices will begin going out on friday. workers will be forced to take unpaid leave for 22 days. or one day each week, from april 21st through september 21st. that's equal to a 20-percent pay cut for five months. the furloughs will affect most of the defense department's 800-thousand civilian employees. the unpaid days off are the result of the forced federal spending cuts has approved the sale of twinkies. wonder bread. and other assets belonging to hostess. a joint venture of private equity firms bought hostess snacks. including twinkies, ho-hos, ding dongs and zingers. for 410-million- dollars. flower foods bought wonder bread and most of the
8:41 pm
brand's other bread. for 360-million-dollars. some products should be back on store shelves this summer >> you know you have to save for a rainy day, but is it really realistic these days? even in a rebounding economy, many workers say they don't think they can afford to retire. a new survey by the employee benefit research institute says 28% of americans are not confident about their retirement savings. the highest that number's been in 23 years. .and more than double what it was back in 2007, when only 10% of americans were worried about having enough for their golden years. surprisingly, a majority are reporting that their savings and investments are less than $25,000, with some having less than $1,000 in the piggy bank. part of the problem is that many americans are too worried about the short- term, to look so far ahead. saving for retirement isn't the most pressing concern when people are constantly worried about job uncertainty, day-to-day expenses and paying off their debt. i'm vicki liviakis, kron 4 news.
8:42 pm
>> popular yoga pants.considered too revealing.are now being pulled from store shelves. lulu lemon has recalled its black yoga pants because the sheer material can show too much skin. the company says it is not sure why the pants are so sheer since they haven't changed the material.but it's talking to its suppliers. lulu lemon is expects to lose millions because of this. its shares fell 5.9 percent. and st. mary's tries to to have to win and the dominican republic making history at the ballpark in the san francisco. gary radnich has that coming up, next. >> jacqueline: the rainfall continuing. more rain fall for your morning commute. we will time it out.
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gabe slate tech report
8:45 pm
>> reporter: this animation that starts this weekend was created right here in the bay area. dreamworks is responsible for many blockbuster movies. you think that it would be based in hollywood but it is not. technology with cutting and-technology to create these blockbuster animation. a team of 250 artists and engineers work for over four years on this movie. this uses the latest in animation technology. dreamworks created a new type of the fax they call light to improve the book of their animation. it has been
8:46 pm
ineffective to improve this that they recently of burned an academy award. >> this has padlocke of techno -- this has a lot of-of technology and the lighting is very tedious it takes a lot of work for animation to mimic real life light. >> one of our main characters is integrated into the environment simply. but the reality is that there are a lot of different lights. >> the details of this scenery is improving not only the look of the movie and the story >> the lighting is practically a character in this movie it was important for us to make this field
8:47 pm
make this-filled tangible. with real threats and consequences and movement and design is incredibly see legal we are so proud of this we cannot wait for people to see it. if gabe slate tech report >> jacqueline: the rainfall is pressing to the east as we see light showers through the coast. and to the north. certainly, through the in the valleys antioch it as turned a bit more towards concord. and a bit heavier near livermore, and the 580. towards the coast. san francisco, we can see that things are clearer. and breaks over the south bay. the satellite & righter,
8:48 pm
this is not the end. we are going to see the satellite & radar. it will extend and we are going to see the continuation. through the bay area tonight and tomorrow. futurecast showing how midnight, the rainfall will return and for the east bay. it will continue the rainfall south of the golden gate and heavier through hayward, fremont and livermore. it continues to go to the south-east heavier near san jose and mountain view impacting the morning commute. as for go for the later morning hours the shower activity will return but spotty. continuing showers and thunder one-half
8:49 pm
inch locally for most locations. as for go towards the sierra is not a lot of activity. but by midnight just mainly rainfall. later tomorrow, the snowfall will appear but just above the 7,000 ft.. and it is going to be too warm. by 11, we can still see some snowfall but is mainly going to be rainfall. and for the afternoon, temperatures in the 50s and of the lake level, the smell libya 7,000 ft.. the drier conditions expected on thursday, friday half a look at your extended forecast. >> jacqueline: and as we can see the warmer weather slated to return. and we can see there is going to be
8:50 pm
more rainfall and snowfall. >> gary: . evening, everybody in. st. mary's one of those games where matthew had 22 points. fast randy bennett 67-54 on to the next one and memphiswmn stanford
8:51 pm
tulsa year in and year out.the bay areas best team is coached ky the referee will set up to host an n.c.a.a. so they have to play at robert morris. now they've played before 3000 and got drowned out. the defending national champs. women's basketball. a stanford the no. 1 seed are going to host calls on sunday and that means forthe san francisco 49ers have vandaveer joined us
8:52 pm
earlier after all of her success we asked her how she feels? >> there is a lot of times when i get tired but i'd never get bored. i work at a great university. >> gary: you are already at the hall of fame at such a young age. were you surprised? >> one i have the assistant coaches and work in such a great university i do not know why it did not happen sooner. >> gary: they could meet down the road with bailor losing the streak breaking that -- winning streak. >> i love watching cheryl. she is a very poor east
8:53 pm
player dunking is exciting she is really, really good. she is a very -- poorespoised player >> gary: have you ever being tired? >> catherine: i like my job. it >> jacqueline: every body gets tired. >> gary: i walked and and on a look at the young talent and it is invigorating it makes their run to the door, faster. i do not know how you do not get tired. and you have a lot of bills, and the young kids. if i was just by myself, i might have quit but we have a big overhead if you have a big
8:54 pm
car that you cannot afford. signed former cleveland browns kicker phil dawson. dawson, 38, made 29-of-31 field goals last season and was voted to the pro bowl. he has made 14-of-15 from 50-plus yards and 13 of 14 attempts from 40 to 49 yards during the past two seasons. dawson, who played his entire 14-year career wioth david akers, who came under fire last season for a texans $12m offer to e.reed harbaugh's at owners mtg tz wbc finals pr vs. dr when we come back, at&t park with the world baseball classic we will take you there.
8:55 pm
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8:58 pm
>> gary: a's vs. dodgers arizona top 5th, 3-0 la yoenis cespedes - the solo home run to left off of cespedes - can't make the catch on yaisel puig's fly ball- but cespedes recovers to throw out puig trying to stretch it into a double final: 7-1 dodgers-----
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